Creating the Personal Multimedia Artifact (video)

How does the video creation process work?

The Flat Connections Global Project multimedia challenge is a call for ideas to shape the future of education. It is a communication video that shares your research and your ideas based on the topic.

Types of Videos

Students are requested to choose ONE of the following genres to focus on for their final video:

Important Links for Creating and Sharing the Video:

Review these links first:

Outsourced video clip request template

Requester Name:
This video request is outsourced to:
Hyperlink to Video:
Date Received:

FINAL VIDEO - Where to put it and how!

When your video is finished add it TWO places on this wiki. This is very important so that we correctly archive and share the video with other students, teachers and the judges!

1. To the MASTER Student Videos page linked form the main menu of this wiki
Use THIS template:
Code (e.g. 1.1A.1) Name of Video (hyperlinked to where video can be found - Ning or YouTube etc) by Students Name (hyperlink to Ning personal page) verified by Teacher (add Ning profile hyperlink)
A full example:

2. To the Topic Page, below outsource requests, using this template:
Video Number
Contributor(s) -
Alternate link to video:
(embed video here if possible)