EvanS_BMHS_67Team Number: 6D

Team Topic: Wearable Technology

Theme: Impact on the environment


Wearable technology and devices are electronic technologies that are turned into items that can be worn by users. They are more complex than hand held devices, and they often take the form of objects such as clothing, accessories, microchips, or even smart tattoos. These devices are convenient due to their small size and accessibility. Wearable technology influences many fields including but not limited to health, medicine, fitness, aging, disabilities, education, transportation, enterprise, finance, gaming, and music. Some tech can be taken on and off with ease and are quite comfortable, but others are more invasive such as implanted chips. Also, they are very practical and aesthetically pleasing, as well as serving useful functions like tracking distance, steps, time, sleep, and other useful data. The use of wearable devices creates an evident impact on the environment.

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  • Citations - Create a complete list of all references and citations
  • Videos - to facilitate the outsourced video clip requirement and share all final personal student videos

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