Team Number: 4D

Team Topic: Adaptive Learning Technologies

Theme: Impact on the environment


Adaptive learning technology is an innovative way for teacher's to better understand and adjust their teaching approach for certain students. One may ask what effect could a thing of this sort have on the environment? The answer, however not entirely proven, is a very positive and beneficial one. On a social standpoint, the idea is the natural and much more effective progression of the No Child Left Behind Act introduced by, former, President Bush in 2001. An immediate and noticeable benefit from these technologies is a stronger student/teacher relationship and therefore a tighter knit classroom environment. Students who are all being accommodated equally for their learning preferences and needs feel more engaged and involved with the class instead of an outcast. When students work. both independently and in teams, with a purpose and desire great things happen. A direct result is a much more positive and constructive classroom environment that is not only encouraged but also entitled to help each other with their struggles.

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