The role of the Student Leader

Student Leader

Each team will have TWO student leaders. These leaders will:
  • Encourage interaction
  • Lead discussions
  • Make suggestions for wiki development
  • Be responsible for the final eBook production

Leaders will meet regularly online as a group during the project with lead teachers to discuss progress, issues, challenges and to contribute to the overall development of the project.

Student leaders have a very important role to play as they become another bridge to understanding. They are also able to influence project decisions and timelines based on student team needs and work alongside teachers to build an exciting and meaningful project and learning experience.

Student Leader Job Description

  1. Set up a group on the Ning for their team.
  2. Make sure all group members join the group.
  3. Communicate with all team members through the Ning.
  4. Help facilitate the assignment of group “Jobs”.
  5. Remind team members that the Ning is for social communication (getting to know each other) and for some discussion about the topics and project, and the wiki/Google docs are for professional communication (discussing the project)
  6. Make sure that all group members contribute content
  7. Reach out via the Ning to those group members not contributing
  8. Facilitate discussions/meetings/conversations within the group as well as give peer feedback to your team
  9. Communicate regularly with the project managers (Sheri Williams and Amy Jambor) and class teachers as to progress and discuss problems and issues as they arise
  10. Oversee all work, facilitate decision making, ensure all work is completed within the essential time frame
  11. The Student Leaders will support each other and the objectives of the project
  12. Student Leaders will communicate with project managers on a weekly basis and attend brief regularly scheduled meetings on leadership training, communication skills, team status updates, and problem-solving.